Welcome to Feint Motion MotorSports, a successful team of sim-racing drivers built upon the tenets of gentlemanly yet highly competitive on-track conduct. Formed by Bill Robotham in 2002 as a means to organize a collection of singular but like-minded drivers, FMMS has been fortunate to enjoy success at many levels of sim-racing and seeks to share this success with others.

Beginning with racing sims such as the GTR2002 mod for F12002 and numerous road racing mods for F1Challenge, the group quickly proved themselves to be not only fast on the track but very light-hearted in their temperament. This combination has allowed them to become easily recognizable as one of the top North American sim-racing teams. Currently competing on the rFactor and iRacing platforms, FMMS continues to employ drivers who dedicate the time and effort required to maintain Feint Motion MotorSports’ status at the top level of this growing international sport.

Again, we welcome you to our home. Feel free to peruse the forums and add your comments, as we encourage both the avid sim-racing fan and the newcomer to immerse yourself into our world.

Thank you for visiting and we hope to see you on track in the near future!

Feint Motion Motorsports is proudly sponsored by Cannon Simulation Technologies

In GT1, Chris Paczynski qualified his Saleen S7R second on the grid, narrowly missing the pole by 0:00.202. Garth Buchanan's time in his Saleen S7R was only 0:00.450 slower than Paczynski's, placing him right behind his teammate fourth overall...


The FMMS entries for this week's race were limited to the regular GT1 competitors, Garth Buchanan, Chris Chappell and Tommy Christian. Chris squeezed out the fastest lap of the FM drivers, qualifying his Corvette C6-R in 3:40.269 on his final timed lap...


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