1:13:49 PM CustomerChris

Initial Question/Comment: RMA

1:14:20 PM SystemSystem

A Customer Service Representative will be with you in a moment

1:14:50 PM SystemSystem

Thank you for your patience. A Customer Service Representative will be with you in a moment

1:15:05 PM SystemSystem


1:31:34 PM SystemSystem

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Connected with Darlene

1:31:34 PM SystemSystem

Hello my name is Darlene. How may I help you today?

1:31:54 PM Customer Chris

Hi Darlene...

1:32:48 PM Customer Chris

Today I received a couple of memory modules I ordered last weekend, but would like to return one or both of them so I can get two that match...

1:33:06 PM Customer Chris

Although they are the same specs, they are from two different manufacturers.

1:33:24 PM AgentDarlene

Let me look into this for you. One moment please . . .

1:38:15 PM AgentDarlene

Thank you for holding.

1:38:45 PM AgentDarlene

The memory that you purchased is non-refundable memory, however as a one time courtesy only, we are going to approve an RMA for a refund.

1:38:55 PM AgentDarlene

Do you still have the retail package and accessories that were included?

1:39:40 PM Customer Chris

Yes I do. I'm not asking for a refund though, I'm just asking for two matching modules.

1:40:23 PM Customer Chris

The same brand and specs are fine, I just want them to both be from the same mfr.

1:42:10 PM AgentDarlene

Unfortunately Sir, we do not offer exchanges, we can only replace an item with the same make and model.

1:42:20 PM AgentDarlene

It will take about 3-5 business days for me to get a reply back.

1:42:35 PM AgentDarlene

My apologies, please ignore the last message.

1:43:45 PM Customer Chris

The same make and model is fine. It's the actual chip on the memory module that differs between the two I received. I apologize for not being clearer.

1:44:10 PM AgentDarlene

Ok so both sets are defective or incompatible?

1:46:50 PM Customer Chris

I have not removed either set from its original packaging. I can see through the packaging that these modules come from two different manufacturers, and that is not conducive to optimum compatibility.

1:47:33 PM Customer Chris

When memory is purchased in pairs, it should match.

1:47:47 PM Customer Chris

These modules do not.

1:50:00 PM AgentDarlene

Thanks for waiting. I'm actually still looking into this . . . one more moment please.

1:50:08 PM Customer Chris

No problem, thank you.

1:52:30 PM AgentDarlene

Thank you for holding. Only 1 set of memory was the incorrect memory?

1:54:43 PM Customer Chris

Well technically yes, but I don't think there's any way to specify which manufacturer I receive for replacement unless someone actually looks at the item(s) to be shipped...

1:55:40 PM Customer Chris

Can I simply order one more of these modules, then return whichever one doesn't have a match?

1:56:58 PM Customer Chris

I ask because unless someone can assure me that the replacement will match whichever one I send back, I might end up in the same situation if I send one back and receive a replacement.

1:57:48 PM AgentDarlene

I can set up an RMA for a replacement for the memory that you are stating is made by a different manufacturer.

1:59:51 PM Customer Chris

Just so we're clear, "manufacturer" is not the same as "brand". Both modules are sold under the "Crucial" brand, but one is made by Hynix and the other is made by SEC.

2:01:16 PM AgentDarlene

Give me one moment please.

2:01:20 PM Customer Chris

Thank you.

2:02:56 PM AgentDarlene

Ok, I will set up an RMA for a replacement for the memory stick that is not the correct module and it's made by a different manufacturer.

2:03:11 PM AgentDarlene

Is the incorrect module the one by Hynix or SEC?

2:03:19 PM Customer Chris

the incorrect one is SEC

2:03:33 PM Customer Chris

so I would like the replacement to be Hynix

2:03:57 PM Customer Chris

if it's possible to specify

2:04:41 PM AgentDarlene

When the RMA department receives the item, it goes through an inspections department and they confirm if the incorrect memory was sent to you and if the incorrect memory was sent to you, they will send you the correct item.

2:06:41 PM AgentDarlene

Can you please verify your shipping address?

2:06:54 PM Customer Chris

That's why I asked if I could just buy one more and subsequently return the odd one out for refund, since I don't know how they're going to know to send me a module by a specific manufacturer.

2:07:21 PM Customer Chris

is it possible to pay for cross-shipping?

2:07:46 PM AgentDarlene

Unfortunately Sir, the item has to be inspected to confirm if we sent you the incorrect memory.

2:08:27 PM Customer Chris

Then wouldn't I need to return both modules so they can see upon inspection that they are different?

2:09:36 PM AgentDarlene

Both sets of memory should be model CT12864X335, and if we are sending you something different then the item goes through our inspections department to confirm that we sent you the wrong item Sir.

2:10:09 PM AgentDarlene

Unfortunately we are not able to specify which memory we will ship out. Our warehouse an RMA department will ship out the item that was purchased which is model CT12864X335.

2:11:11 PM Customer Chris

I don't think I'm communicating my issue properly then. Both modules are indeed model CT12864X335, but they are not from the same mfr.

2:12:56 PM SystemSystem

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2:13:26 PM SystemSystem

Joeangel has left this session!

2:15:06 PM AgentDarlene

I am understanding what you are informing me Sir, but unfortunately we are not able to specify which brand to send you.

2:15:39 PM AgentDarlene

If you are purchasing CT12864X335 then that is what we are able to send you.

2:16:16 PM Customer Chris

Which is why I asked if I could simply purchase one more CT12864X335, then return the odd one out - whichever one doesn't match - for refund.

2:16:43 PM Customer Chris

Basically I'm just asking for advance permission to return one module for refund.

2:16:57 PM Customer Chris

Which you agreed to do earlier in this conversation.

2:17:31 PM AgentDarlene

I did offer you an RMA for a refund Sir.

2:17:51 PM AgentDarlene

I can set up an RMA for a refund for which ever memory stick you would like to return, but you did request a replacement.

2:20:22 PM Customer Chris

You're correct. What I'm trying to do is get two matching modules, and trying to figure out a way that is amicable for all involved for me to do that.

2:20:56 PM AgentDarlene

Do you need the RMA for both sets of memory or just one?

2:21:26 PM Customer Chris


2:23:01 PM AgentDarlene

Can you please verify your shipping address?

2:23:46 PM Customer Chris

Shipping address is 124 1st Avenue S

2:23:54 PM Customer Chris

Franklin, TN 37064

2:26:01 PM AgentDarlene

Your RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number is 32408420. You will be sent an email shortly with detailed instructions for the return. This memory is non-refundable so we are making a one time exception for you by approving an RMA for a refund.

2:26:26 PM Customer Chris

Thank you.

2:26:46 PM AgentDarlene

You are very welcome. Is there anything else I may assist you with?

2:28:03 PM Customer Chris

No, thank you for your time.

2:28:51 PM AgentDarlene

Thank you for contacting Newegg. I hope you have an eggcellent day!

2:28:51 PM SystemSystem

Darlene has left this session!

2:28:51 PM SystemSystem

The session has ended!